Calculate the savings potential for your fleet.

Calculate the savings potential for your fleet.

We have developed an overall benefit calculator to show you the savings potential generated by connect business after deduction of all costs. With the help of our tool, you can specifically and individually calculate where in your fleet and in what amount you can save money by using connect business services.

Leasing Monitoring – easy and uncomplicated

Leasing Monitoring – easy and uncomplicated

Keep an eye on your mileage-based contract data and costs and avoid unnecessary costs.

All relevant fleet KPIs at a glance

All relevant fleet KPIs at a glance

Knowing vehicle condition and usage enables proactive fleet management and helps to increase fleet efficiency.


connect business – connectivity solutions for fleet and business customers

Digitalization, connectivity and big data are current mega-trends in the automotive industry that are characterized by the link between automotive and information technology. Together, these trends have a deep impact on the whole automotive value chain – from research and development over sales and marketing to customer care and aftersales.

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Products and Services – connect business

Vehicle Monitoring & Maintenance

Everything under control – live vehicle data, as well as maintenance information and vehicle diagnostics at a glance.


Digital Driver's Log

Replaces the manual driver’s logbook with a fast, failsafe and comfortable way to record trips.


Vehicle Logistics

Job management, geofencing and monitoring of company vehicles.


Driver Messaging

Keep in touch with your drivers. The service Driver Messaging enables efficient communication between drivers and fleet manager.


Data Protection and IT Security

The possibility of being connected to a whole fleet – everywhere and at any time – results in demanding requirements with respect to IT security and data protection. Learn more about how Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services GmbH ensures uncompromisingly safe data transfer and handling.


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Contact & Locations

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Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services GmbH

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With connect business we have created a vast variety of connectivity services and telematics products dedicated to the needs of our fleet and business customers. Thanks to the high configurability and flexibility of our connectivity platform every customer can enjoy a solution that is custom-tailored to their specific fleet – ranging from small businesses up to multinational commercial fleets. Everywhere and at any time –fleet managers are able to manage their fleet with real time data via the connect business portal optimizing their fleet structures with intelligent analytics and reporting engines. Drivers are able to use our native app and enjoy a digital driver’s log which both protects their privacy and increases transparency for the fleet manager. In order to protect data from manipulation, loss and unauthorized access, we apply highest standards when it comes to data protection and IT security following the approach of the brand Mercedes-Benz. Using three different security layers, we ensure that the system in the backend can never intervene with safety-relevant functions of the vehicle. Data is transferred via a proprietary protocol point-to-point using a SSL-encrypted VPN channel. That’s fleet management made easy by Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services.