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The digital future of the truck.

A trip right across Europe shows that digitally connected trucks are safer, take up less room on motorways and are also more fuel-efficient. 

Mobility Concepts

Hitching a ride through the physical internet.

What if we were to transport goods following the model of the internet, with the individual items spread across multiple packages for the journey from A to B.


Electric truck for the city.

Mercedes-Benz presents the first all-electric truck for heavy distribution worldwide. The range is up to 200 kilometers.


Uptime keeps trucks rolling.

The new, telematics-based service innovation Mercedes-Benz Uptime reports necessary maintenance and repairs at an early stage, keeping the logistical chain moving.

Autonomous Driving

Safety has top priority.

Automated and autonomous driving has great potential to fundamentally change personal mobility. Numerous specialists including lawyers are engaging with the concomitant questions.

Mobility Concepts

Package station on four wheels.

When the DHL courier no longer needs to ring the bell: start of the beta test in Stuttgart, to be followed by other large cities – smart is ready for car boot deliveries.

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Launch of connect business.

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