Digital Driver's Log

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A fully automated digital driver's log

The Digital Driver’s Log is generated fully automatized by the vehicle. Trips can be exported easily from the app. As a driver you can switch easily between private, commute and business mode.

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The digital driver’s log automatically collects all trips of a vehicle and transfers them in a detailed and exportable list view to the connect business portal. If you want to see more details, you can also display the rides in a detailed view. Selecting map view shows you the start location and destination as well as the route.

By subscribing to the service Digital Driver’s Log all relevant functions will be activated within the connect business portal and the connect business driver’s app. So the service covers both the company logbook and the personal driver logbook.

Always the right mode

The dashboard of the connect business driver’s app allows to define the trip purpose. Hence, drivers can choose if their trip is private, commute or business.

  • For vehicles in business mode, fleet managers can easily access the following information via the connect business portal:
  • Number plate of the vehicle
  • Driver
  • Starting point and destination in map view including the address and time
  • Travel time
  • Start and end time
  • Distance driven
  • Average speed
  • Average consumption
  • Eco Score
  • In private or commute mode, fleet managers are able to see the following data:
  • Number plate of the vehicle
  • Driver
  • Date
  • Distance driven