Vehicle Monitoring & Maintenance

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Never miss out on anything important

The service Vehicle Monitoring & Maintenance offers continuous monitoring, processing and analysis of vehicle and maintenance data. Data can be shown and evaluated in both a single list view as well as a detailed view per vehicle.

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Keep your fleet stable.

With the service Vehicle Monitoring & Maintenance, you are able to keep an eye on relevant vehicle status information by using the connect business portal – everywhere and at any time. As a fleet manager you are able to react to potential issues before they occur.

This service delivers all relevant vehicle status information based on telematics data by displaying them in the connect business portal. Thereby you are able to analyze, compare and evaluate all vehicle-related data.

Everything included

Mercedes-Benz cars with a built-in communication module offer the following data points (depending on the vehicle):

  • Mileage
  • Average speed
  • Distance covered
  • Fuel level and fuel consumption
  • Tyre pressure
  • Warning cooling liquid
  • Warning brake pad and brake fluid
  • Battery status
  • Status of doors, windows and load compartment
  • Status of front headlights and interior lightning
  • Language of head unit
  • Distance/days until next inspection
  • State of charge (%)
  • Electrical consumption