Interface / API

API, interface

Integration into existing systems

In addition to the connect business portal, connect business customers can also use an interface to their existing system. The vehicle data can then be retrieved via the connect business API and can be integrated directly into the fleet management system.

Even more transparency and efficiency in managing your fleet


A wide range of available data points to control your fleet.

If the respective service has been activated in the connect business portal, you can retrieve the following data via the interface or perform the following actions:

  • Static and dynamic vehicle data
  • List of all active drivers
  • List of all connected vehicles
  • Warnings and hints
  • GPS positions of the vehicles
  • An overview of private, business and commute trips created by the Digital Driver’s Log
  • Assignment of drivers and vehicles


Use the real-time data from connect business - this can be GPS data, but also static and dynamic vehicle data. These enable greater transparency and efficiency in the management of your fleet.


Partners can also be easily integrated – data is provided via the API.

If you as a connect business customer have commissioned a partner for your fleet management, you can also make your vehicle data accessible to them via this interface.

Only the data that you release for the partner can be viewed by the partner.

This offers you various advantages: The partner is always informed and can initiate everything at an early stage. No further action on your part is required.


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