connect business app

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Anytime, anywhere

With our native app, drivers can use a digital log book on their smartphone that protects their privacy and also makes it easy to keep track of all journeys as they are automatically recorded by the vehicle.

The connect business app at a glance

The connect business app is part of the connect business platform. The Dashboard of the app provides you with vehicle information which is provided by the connect business portal – e.g. license plate, vehicle type, fuel level, odometer and much more.

Your vehicle creates the Driver’s Log automatically. Using the connect business app, you can edit your own digital driver's log by selecting the trip mode (private, commute or business trip) and add information, such as descriptions of individual trips, or business partners you have visited. In order to protect your privacy, there are no details transmitted to the fleet manager when you have selected private mode. Furthermore, the log can be exported from the app in an admissible format to be used for the tax statement.