Live CO2 Monitoring

Optimize the CO2 emissions of your fleet

With the live CO2 monitoring service, you can constantly monitor the development of CO2 emissions and manage your vehicle fleet sustainably. The most important key figures are clearly summarized and displayed for you in a dashboard in our connect business portal.

  • Monitoring of your CO2 target values:
    Define individual CO2 target values ​​for your fleet and monitor them with real-time vehicle data.
  • Comparison of vehicle groups:
    The CO2 emissions of the vehicle groups you have defined are compared with one another. At the same time, you can check whether the target values ​​you have defined are being met.
  • Development of Emissions:
    An overview of the development of the CO2 emissions of your vehicle fleet over time enables optimal control of the fleet using the given data points.
  • Forecast:
    Based on the data already recorded from your vehicles, you will also receive a forecast of future emissions.


Please find our product information for this service here.

Automatic calculation of emissions

The CO2 emissions are automatically calculated on the basis of fuel consumption and visualized in the portal, so there is no need to manually evaluate the emissions.
As a fleet manager, you can set two CO2 target values ​​for your company and your fleet and monitor them with the real-time values.

  • The first target value relates to the vehicle level and is defined in g / km.
  • The second target value is set for the entire fleet at the annual level and is output in tonnes.

Use the entire data scope of the service and optimize your fleet use for the environment. The following data points are displayed at vehicle group level or for your entire fleet in the selected period:

  • kilometers driven
  • average CO2 emissions (g / km)
  • total CO2 emissions (t)
  • Deviation of the CO2 values ​​from the specified target values

Environmentally conscious and sustainable

Start now and use real vehicle data to show how environmentally conscious your company is!