Live Traffic Information

Live Traffic Information

Your Advantages At A Glance

With Live Traffic Information, traffic jams become outdated. This service improves navigation by instant integration of real-time traffic data enabling dynamic route guidance - even if there are only minor changes or impediments on your route.

  • Improved navigation through real-time traffic data
  • Dynamic route guidance reduces journey times
  • Detailed information to facilitate your choice of alternative routes
  • Precise calculation of your arrival time

The Best Way To Get To Your Destination Faster

To reduce your overall travel time and predict your time of arrival even more precisely, your route is updated constantly. When traffic information is updated whilst driving, you will receive detailed information and can choose from several alternative routes. 

Time is precious: Appointments, emails, projects – and there is traffic everywhere.  In such situations, the service Live Traffic Information helps you to get through the traffic more quickly.

Open to new ways while always being focused on your destination, your directions are updated dynamically to optimize your route. Therefore, you can always count on your punctuality and will arrive relaxed and confident at your appointments.

Please find our product information for this service here.

Technical Requirements

Live Traffic Information works with every version of the multimedia system COMAND Online. Vehicles equipped with Audio 20 do not need an activation via “connect business”. Vehicles with the latest entertainment system MBUX require a built-in Mercedes-Benz hard drive navigation.

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