Keyless opening and closing of the doors

The car sharing service enables keyless access to vehicles via an programming application interface (API). This allows third parties to use vehicles without physical interaction, as doors can be opened and closed remotely. In addition, the service offers the option of checking the mileage and fuel level when the vehicle is in use, as well as the status of the doors and windows.



Different use cases

Use of the service is conceivable in various areas. The functions serve the keyless rental of vehicles, a keyless vehicle handover at dealerships and workshops as well as a keyless use of pool vehicles. Other areas of application can also be deliveries to parked cars (in-car delivery) and entrances for employees of vehicle cleaning companies.


Get started quickly and easily

The functions mentioned are only available via the connect business API and not via the connect business portal. Neither special equipment nor a retrofit solution is required to use the service. The communication module required for the service is already installed in your Mercedes-Benz vehicle at the factory. After linking the vehicles with your connect business account and integrating the API into your own systems, the API can be activated and used directly.