Vehicle Logistics

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Better planning by increased transparency

Vehicle Logistics always shows you the exact position of all your vehicles (unless you have allowed them to execute the privacy mode). This overview in combination with the geofence function allows you a more efficient route planning.

Please find our product information for this service here.

Connected fleet management

The service Vehicle Logistics shows you all driven distances and routes in a list or map view – as an overview of the whole fleet, defined driver groups or specific vehicles.

By creating geofences you can easily track when and where your vehicles enter and leave defined areas. Any shape can be chosen: Circles, rectangles or free polygons. If a vehicle crosses a geofence border you will be notified by the connect business portal and are able to act immediately.

Mercedes-Benz cars with a built-in communication module offer the following data points (depending on the vehicle):

  • Available data:
  • Vehicle position
  • GPS data
  • The functions:
  • Display of last known vehicle position
  • Creation of geofences for area monitoring
  • Different shapes for geofences: Circle, rectangle or polygon
  • Configurable notification concept for crossing geofence borders
  • Display of routes in map view