Success Stories from Practice

Read for yourself how our customers benefit from real-time vehicle data at the push of a button, a digital logbook, reduced maintenance and leasing costs, optimized utilization and leaner processes.

Personnel service provider Pacura Med benefits from leasing monitoring and optimizes vehicle use

With the clear leasing monitoring, the personnel service provider Pacura Med avoids costs for additional kilometers at the end of the leasing contract. Transparency towards the employees in sales is also important to the company. 'With the real-time data from the vehicles, I can clearly show everyone whether they are using the vehicle efficiently and planning appointments and routes optimally.' David Endres, Head of Organization & Processes. Success Story

The specialist for workshop and vehicle test equipment controls its service fleet with foresight with connect business

Service vehicles are planned and deployed as required using position data. Digital barriers, so-called geofences, are used to receive automatic notifications as soon as a vehicle enters the company premises. In this way, the fleet can be checked regularly and sent to the necessary workshop appointments in time. This reduces downtimes. Success Story

Taxi Holl relies on a multi-brand solution

Automated processes, the relevant vehicle parameters at a glance at all times, these are key factors in order to act efficiently in the taxi business - today and in the future. In addition to Mercedes-Benz vehicles, there are also VW caddies in the taxi company's fleet. With a retrofit solution, the real-time data of the fleet vehicles can also be monitored and the vehicle fleet can be controlled holistically. Success Story

Palmberg uses connect business together with service partners

Palmberg GmbH has a complex network of different partners for the administration, repair and maintenance of vehicles. This often leads to confusing and lengthy processes. With the help of connect business, the company has found the perfect interface between its own company and contract and service partners and has thus been able to significantly optimize its fleet management. Success Story

Predictive maintenance in the taxi industry

'For us as a taxi company, it is currently the best program for car fleet management,# says Taxi Özdes. Predictive maintenance, improved order control and permanent status monitoring - and that with flexible offer design. Success Story

Heavy-duty logistics company uses cross-brand solution to save costs

Proactive and fast management of the fleet thanks to the cross-brand telematics solution. Those responsible are very satisfied with savings of 5% in wearing parts and 10% in fuel consumption. 'Connect business is part of the digital transformation in our company and an innovative step in fleet management.' Oliver Gomann, Fleet Manager WASEL GmbH Success Story