Success Story MAHA

Digitization pays off - World market leader relies on connect business

MAHA Maschinenbau Haldenwang GmbH & Co. KG has digitized its fleet management and thus optimized the processes in a customer-oriented manner - with success. The specialist for workshop and vehicle test equipment controls its service fleet in the MAHA Service Center, under the responsibility of the managing director Dr. Thomas Aubel, efficient and forward-looking via the web-based portal of the connect business fleet connectivity solution. High-tech quality, innovative, tailor-made solutions and the highest service standards – this is what MAHA stands for. Digitalization is in full focus in the company. The fact that the service vehicles are digitally controlled with connect business is an important milestone with great benefit for the customers, who are now supported even faster on site. In addition, it is more than useful for Sandra Jauß, manager of the MAHA Service Center fleet, to see all the relevant real-time vehicle parameters at all times. ‘Connect business has many advantages. Current data from every vehicle, location tracking, optimal deployment planning, cost savings,’ she emphasizes. MAHA sees connect business as a kind of digital data highway that plans the shortest route to the customer and saves resources.

Simple deployment planning using position data

In addition to high-tech products and tailor-made modular solutions, top service quality is MAHA's most important success factor. The service center is largely responsible here. Daily, the MAHA service technicians are on site with their customers. Mobility at the right time in the right place and vehicle data in real-time are therefore extremely important. With the GPS-based service, Vehicle Logistics, the service vehicles can be located at any time and the dispatchers always have an overview of the exact location of the vehicles. If a customer reports an emergency, the dispatcher checks via the portal where a service vehicle is in the immediate vicinity of the customer. Time-consuming calls to service technicians are no longer necessary. They are contacted directly and sent to the customer - efficient and time-saving with better customer service.


With the knowledge of the exact position of all fleet vehicles, our dispatchers can locate the service vehicle that is closest to the customer and send it there directly in an emergency. Our cutomers really appreciate that. "

-  Sandra Jauß, manager of the MAHA Service Center vehicle fleet

Save costs with geofencing and leasing monitoring

A further benefit of the service is the delimitation of geographical areas, so-called ‘geofences’. Jauß ‘fenced’ the area around the service center in Kempten in the portal. If a service technician drives through the area, she receives a notification by email and can regularly inspect the vehicles. Workshop appointments can also be planned in advance. This pays off because the vehicles have less downtime due to unforeseen service appointments. The economics always in view, the fleet manager looks at the mileage of the vehicles every day. As soon as it becomes apparent that the contractually agreed mileage has been exceeded, she can react quickly and thereby avoids unnecessary costs. New leasing contracts can be easily optimized based on current data and experience.

‘My first look in the morning? The dashboard with all the key fleet indicators.’

The service Vehicle Monitoring & Maintenance enables proactive and predictive control of the entire fleet. For fleet manager Jauß, the first look in the morning after turning on the computer, goes directly to her individually configurable dashboard in the connect business portal. Here you can find all relevant fleet indicators at a glance. In addition, she will be informed about upcoming maintenance appointments by email and will automatically receive ‘warning messages’ if, for example, tire pressure or the oil level of individual vehicles deviate from the norm.


Next steps

Sandra Jauß regularly exchanges ideas with her contacts. New services are discussed, potentials are explored and thought out. In the next step, the vehicles that are not Mercedes-Benz are equipped with a retrofit solution, the connect business GENIUS, in order to be able to use the services - because connect business can be used across brands. The communication module required for connect business is already installed ex works in Mercedes-Benz vehicles and for other brands there are two retrofit solutions. More services are therefore in the starting blocks.

About MAHA

MAHA Maschinenbau Haldenwang GmbH & Co. KG, based in Haldenwang, has stood for high-tech in the areas of motor vehicle testing and workshop equipment for 50 years. For the third time in a row, the company was voted world market leader champion in this market segment in 2020. As one of the most powerful manufacturers, the company offers workshop equipment and covers the entire range from test benches and vehicle lifts to various test devices for cars, trucks, motorcycles and special vehicles. MAHA products meet high quality standards and stand for reliability and durability. It employs more than 1,200 people worldwide in over 150 countries and is represented internationally with agencies and its own branches. MAHA's customer base includes car repair shops, testing organizations, vehicle manufacturers and government organizations.