Success Story Pacura Med

Digital general overhaul for fleet management

Pacura med GmbH has digitized fleet management. For one year, the nationwide personnel service provider operating within the medical sector has been relying on connect business. A major milestone in managing the company’s future growth and the associated increasing need for vehicles. With connect business, David Endres, Head of Organization & Processes, currently controls 67 Mercedes-Benz vehicles that are used by employees throughout Germany via the web-based portal. Thanks to connect business, Endres saves time and costs, has a holistic overview and is able to plan ahead. Major change with real added value.

Digitalization is convincing. Web portal instead of Excel sheets.

Digitalization, lean processes and economic efficiency are top priorities for Pacura med. Therefore, the company prefers to think outside the box, in order to meet the challenges and demands competently within the healthcare sector by providing service-oriented and innovative solutions. Connect business is also innovative. 'Real-time vehicle data at a glance is an incredible progress', emphasizes Endres. His workload has been reduced significantly and sources of error are almost impossible. Endres currently manages 67 Mercedes-Benz C,E,A,GLB classes and CLA with connect business, including some PHEV. Soon, the fleet will be expanded with further vehicles. Endres is convinced that with connect business and the Vehicle Monitoring & Maintenance service; the fleet will continue to be managed economically in the future. Therefore, nothing stands in the way for the company’s growth and the associated increase in travel by sales staff.



“With the real-time data from the vehicles, I can clearly show everyone whether they are using the vehicle efficiently, planning appointments and routes optimally, and together we can find potential. That creates credibility and is well received by company car users. "

- David Endres, Hed of Organization & Processes



Leasing contracts always at a glance

The service Vehicle Monitoring and Maintenance is activated for all vehicles. Reliable information about the vehicle fleet is always available on the web portal. 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Whether current mileage, tank level, fuel consumption, warning messages or service intervals, Endres is always well informed of the condition of his fleet. With the overview named 'contract and costs', he tracks the mileage and contract duration per vehicle. This avoids expensive multi-kilometer bills at the end of the leasing contract. Vehicles can be exchanged on time or used for different purposes. An additional advantage: the necessary communication module is already factory-installed in all Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Transparency towards the sales employees is important for Endres. “With the real-time vehicle data, I can precisely show everyone whether they are using the vehicle efficiently, scheduling appointments and routes ideally and therefore, we can identify potential and gaps together. This creates credibility and goes down well with the company car users.

About Pacura Med

As a company of the Papp Group, Pacura med GmbH, based in Nuremberg, is the personnel service provider and specialist for the deployment, placement and transfer of medical professionals in clinics, rehabilitation and care facilities. Currently, the company has 1000 employees at five different locations across Germany and collaborates successfully with around 600 clinics and care facilities nationally. The portfolio ranges from the provision of nurses and geriatric nurses, midwives and anesthesia assistants to specialist nurses. Thanks to flexible service models, specialists can be deployed both in the short and long term, according to individual requirements.