Wasel relies on the multi-brand solution offered by connect business

High performance with passion WASEL GmbH is one of the 30 largest companies internationally in the field of heavy-duty logistics and tower cranes. The family-owned business stands for sophisticated project planning, innovative technology and consequent safety thinking. This philosophy applies to all areas within the company group. With over 400 employees at eleven different locations and the status of a longstanding Liebherr-dealer, the company sets new standards every day.

Increased convenience by using telematics

The industry of WASEL GmbH is highly complex and it has to be planned farsightedly. Therefore, the family-owned business receives real-time data and current vehicle status instantly with the digital services of “connect business”. This makes many things easier and enables a fast and proactive control of the fleet. Predictive maintenance, for example, has resulted in cost savings of 5% on wearing parts and a further 10% on fuel consumption.


'connect business is part of the digital transformation in our company and an innovative step in fleet management'.

– Oliver Gomann, fleet manager.


Cross-brand solution for the entire fleet

Currently, the vehicle fleet of WASEL GmbH includes various brands, which previously could not be managed as a whole. This gap has been closed through the multi-brand solution of “connect business”: WASEL now has a consistent and cross-brand solution in use and therefore quick access to all leasing data and resulting mileage.


Higher degree of automation increases efficiency

For an enterprise as large and complex as WASEL GmbH, there is a multitude of different processes. The telematics data of “connect business” offers more transparency. Additionally, the family business was able to reduce its workload in fleet management by 8% through a higher degree of automation. “Basically, we have achieved a significantly higher efficiency and transparency in our company through the data offered by “connect business”. We are very satisfied with this”, says Oliver Gomann, fleet manager of WASEL GmbH.